Jessica Cain as Jesse


Jessica brings more than 10 years of music and stage talent to her lead role in “Bright Lights and Promises.” She has appeared in “Obamamonologues” as Justine Bower; “Dido and Aeneas” as Second Woman;  “The Secret Garden” as Lily; “Cinderella” as Queen Maisie; “1940’s Radio Hour” as Connie Miller; “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum” as Gemini; and “Autumn Leaves” as Meghan.  Jessica also teaches music.


Gabriel Voss as Billy

Coming off a sword-wielding lead role in the action feature film “Second World: Blood, Fire and Smoke,” Gabriel was excited to totally shift gears for his role as the mellow and passive Billy in “Bright Lights and Promises.” His feature film credits also include “The Blinds” and “June-E.”  Gabriel can also be seen in comedy shorts “Pollex Bellum,” “A Genie’s Wish,” and “Guy Walks Into a Bar,” teen web series “Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden,”  horror shorts “Goatman” and “Lamplight,” drama shorts “Shadows of Strangers – The Story of John,” “What Happens Tomorrow,” and “Melody Within Myself,” and multiple local and regional commercials.  Gabriel would like to thank the cast and crew of “Bright Lights” for their hundreds of hard-earned hours put in on set and would like to specially thank Rashel Hagmayer for her patience and support throughout the making of this film.


Sissel Bakkeni as Maria

Sissel Bakkeni is delighted to have worked with the “Bright Lights and Promises” crew.  Ms. Bakken has previously performed the roles of The Hostess in Zytowski/Rossini’s “Pinocchio”; Dame Quickly in Verdi's “Falstaff”; 3rd Lady in Mozart's “The Magic Flute”; Prince Orlofsky in Strauss's “Die Fledermaus”; Zita in Puccini's “Gianni Schicchi”; and The Mistress of the Novices in Puccini's “Suor Angelica.”  Upcoming engagements this season include Molly Hale in “A Single Act” and a selection of concerts with the Luci Toscane Music and Cultural Arts Festival based in Siena, Italy.  She is a graduate of George Mason University with a Masters in Vocal Performance. She runs a well-established voice studio in Alexandria, Virginia.


Fred Iacovo as Richard

Fred is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University with a BFA in Theatre. His feature film debut was as Brian, opposite Mike Beach, in “Asunder.” He can also be seen in “The Contender” as Joe Smith and in “Perfect Poison” as Roland Lanelli. He also appears in the short film “Salvage,” which is currently touring the film festivals. His television credits include spots on “The Wire,” “A Haunting,” “FBI Files”; he also hosted an episode of “Designing Spaces –Think Green” for TLC.  Fred can be seen in a number of national commercials as well. When he has spare time and gets a chance to relax, Fred chooses to jump on his road bike and cycle the beautiful country roads of Virginia.


Paul Zacheis as Bud

Zacheis is a veteran of the Washington Metropolitan stage scene, having appeared in numerous productions for surrounding community theaters. Some of his award-winning roles include Sam in “The Cemetery Club,”  Dr. Watson in “The Hounds of Baskerville,” and Frank in “Over the River and through the Woods.” Over the last 10 years, Zacheis has made his mark on film and television with major roles in various sitcoms and dramatic series, and four supporting film roles. When he's not on stage or in front of a camera, Zacheis exercises his passion for scripts, having written movies, television pilots and stage plays. A lover of character acting, Zacheis makes his home in Locust Grove, Virginia.


Sofia Lund as Rosa

Sofia started out singing in the San Juan Children’s Choir. For 11 years, she trained in music, instruments and choral classes. She has traveled to Vienna, Prague and Salzburg to sing with the Vienna Boys Choir. She finished high school after having been writing, singing, dancing, and training in flamenco, tango, salsa—trying her best not to think about math and geometry. In between, she flew to Barcelona and Madrid with the Inter American University adult choral ensemble to sing in the 2003 Europa Cantat Festival. She has her BFA in Drama from the Tisch School of the Arts, with a minor in Art History from the College of Arts and Sciences at New York University.  She is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico.


Cast Members


Stephen J. Perron Guidry – Louie

Angel Carole Vesperman – Angel

Thomas Tye – Jesse’s Father

Hillary Mazer – Old Woman

James Cross - Drummer

Jason D. King – Cop

David Glass – Hot Guy

Kathryn Kent – Old Flame

Suzanne Knapik – Surgeon

Sue Cappello – Lady in Dress

Kendra North – Grieving Mother

Tony Covington – Grieving Father

Leslie Jackson - Kara

Phyllis Jackson – Nurse in Hall

Joey Whitney - Sax Player

Katie DeRosa – Girl with Sax Player

Hanna Nielson – Angel’s Nanny

Alec Negri – Man in Hat

Najha Y. Phillips - Nurse

Dale W. Brookshire - Doctor

Alex Portaluppi - Nurse

Devon Marie Burt - Soap Opera Nurse

W. Braden Ford Thomson – Soap Opera Doctor

Patrick Cowne - Father of Hurt Girl

Mackenzie Cowne - Hurt Girl

Kendall Cowne- Sister of Hurt Girl

Butch Farrell - Man in wheelchair

Beau Farrell – Man pushing wheelchair

Paige Batchelor - Secretary

Featured Bar Patrons


Burt Tapper

Alexey Orkin

Brandon Keener

John DeRosa

Wes Basham

Abir Sohel

J. Don Jennings

Mike Springirth 

Janelle Schmidt

Beata Dale

Sam Hale

Alonzo Mack

Hildy Conrad

Marquise B. Vanzego

Jeffrey Wendel

Miranda Delgado

Mike Miller

Marquise Vanzego

Andrew Paul

Ron Bush

Jeff Reardon

Katina Pierce

Jason Jennings

Rashel Hagmayer

Tiffany Wooding

Bar Patrons


Sybil Hutchens

Erina Rei

Brian Vessel

Earlene Clinton

Will Iverson

Romy Macapagal

Eric Turner

Colton Mountain

Paige Naylor

Kathy Naylor

Tracia Jardine

Elisabeth Bloom

Adam Kristanc

Frank Starks

Margarita A. Dumlao

Lawrence F. Hannan III

Ian Ellis

Meade Kendrick

Elizabeth Ann Kendrick

Katelyn Timms

Sharon Burtner

Freesia Jackson

John E. Foster

J. Clayton Danie’s

Dottie Peets

Ann Sutphin

Eric Davis

Luke Messenger

James W. Richard, II

Crisantos Eduardo Rivas Maldonado

Miriam I. Herandez

Johathan Shores

Lyn Moser

Stephen Par

Kent Bassom

Michelle Augustin

Leonardo M. Alcala

Andrew Warren Murfitt

Shad Itschner

Venu Nakshathram

Paulette B. Hill

K J Harmon

Dylan Hill

Sean Stewart

Colin Wilkstire

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